Tuesday, October 19, 2021

European court orders EU nations to adopt common charging standard

While the EU’s global negotiations for a rebranded standard of electronic chargers and cables are taking place in Austria’s capital this week, an EU court ruling means European countries might finally be able to implement common charging equipment across borders.

The European Court of Justice on Friday overturned a decision made by the European Commission in 2011 that the European standard for computer and mobile chargers remained too slow and confusing, requiring manufacturers to make different units for different countries, says Bloomberg. The previous ruling made the EU the first international industry group to require member states to buy members from individual countries, which led to the cost of making products for each country doubling to several thousand euros.

The ruling that the European Commission made the decision came under heavy fire from the general public, who initially opposed the charging standards. “This ruling by the Court of Justice appears to go against the principle of free market, and includes measures against the ability of consumers to buy what they want, when they want,” warned FRESH-Europe in 2011. “This step is likely to lead to higher prices, higher levels of counterfeit and no reduction in the use of unsafe products.”

According to Bloomberg, the European Commission must now begin negotiating a uniform charger for Europe. China, Japan, Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong, and Mexico were members of a joint program, dubbed the “Fujitsu Plug,” aimed at reducing the number of chargers, and their associated costs, for consumers.

Europe’s decision to put an end to a 15-year fight over charging standards has brought a handful of European countries together, in an effort to promote American-style innovation in inter-community affairs, according to Bloomberg.

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