Tuesday, October 19, 2021

Tori Spelling tells Larry King she wants cheap booze for wedding

Tori Spelling dropped another bomb when she opened up about her marriage to Dean McDermott in an interview with PEOPLE magazine. The couple, which also stars in reality show “True Tori,” is facing mounting financial problems, and her husband’s erratic behavior has him sleeping in another room and later on, is causing her to become drug-and-alcohol-free.

But in spite of that major personal setback, Spelling reveals on Wednesday’s “Larry King Now” that she also has her eye on some cheap booze when it comes to helping her out.

The actress, who has never been a fan of over-the-top parties and presents a different look when she’s in town, didn’t hold back when discussing the alcoholic beverage she couldn’t resist on a recent getaway to Florida.

“I am looking forward to buying some very cheap wine this weekend, who knows what will be around,” Spelling joked.

The mom of five also let her guard down with King, to be totally candid about the sad state of her finances.

“Our family finances are pretty much horrible. We pay for all our stuff ourselves now,” she said. “If the bill comes, there’s no one there, so what is there to say? Because we can’t just sit down and deal with the bill.”

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