Tuesday, October 19, 2021

A guide to the top 20 logos in the world

3. Apple’s Lisa

Apple created the word desktop with its Lisa computer in the late 1980s. It’s now enjoying a renaissance thanks to a new generation of smartphones and tablets. But Lisa was the first computer computer to take full advantage of information technology.

5. Wikipedia

Wikipedia has become a mainstay of information for the Internet. But the website offers a valuable glimpse of Internet culture. This is a page that appears in Google News.

7. Forbes

Many people say they read Forbes. The list of editors has shaped American business for two centuries. Here’s how it has worked for members of the magazine’s current class of editors.

6. David Axelrod

For several decades, David Axelrod was the pivotal player in shaping American politics. He worked for Illinois Sen. Barack Obama as his first political adviser, and then was top adviser to Senator John Kerry in the 2008 presidential campaign.

9. ABC’s Barbara Walters

Barbara Walters has become an iconic journalist and a household name thanks to her long career with ABC News. Here’s her story as told in her autobiography.

11. Benjamin Franklin

The first American president and one of the country’s great thinkers, Benjamin Franklin was a pioneering inventor and one of the founders of the Philadelphia printing industry. In modern times, we’re still using printers to create brochures, newsletters and emails.

12. Stocks

You might not know a thousand different stocks by name, but through the power of e-marketing and web-enabled trading, you’re probably familiar with dozens. Here’s a primer on the basics of stock investing.

13. Facebook

Social networking and marketing and advertising have coalesced in the world’s largest company. With a market value of more than $200 billion, Facebook is by far the most valuable social network on the Internet.

14. The Googleplex

The Googleplex is the company’s Silicon Valley headquarters, known for the whimsical layout of its open-plan living spaces. The engineering and design experts working at Google have transformed Google’s sense of fun into a unique workplace.

15. Avon

By just getting customers to visit the company’s counters to try out its beauty products, Avon transformed itself from a manufacturer into a beauty brand. It’s the largest direct seller of cosmetics in the world.

16. The President

Hillary Clinton inspires a lot of people, and her military record has attracted attention in the 2016 presidential race. She was just one of the first female presidential candidates.

17. “It’s a big world out there.” And men can be reluctant to embrace technology, too. Here’s how the president described it for the first time in 1969.

18. the Big Bang

That same universe we’re in was virtually unthinkably young in the early 20th century when physicist Albert Einstein described the universe’s origin. Even today, as the universe expands, the frontier between us and the vastness of the cosmos is expanding, too.

19. Giant jigsaw puzzles

If you spend a lot of time at an organized attraction where you’re surrounded by many highly informative pictures, you’ve probably taken a few pictures of them. Giant jigsaw puzzles, whose randomly arranged pictures change with each pass, are a favorite among games fair organizers.

20. Dinosaurs

The bones of big, brontosaurus-shaped dinosaurs first revealed themselves in the museum of a city 120 years ago. While many of the big prehistoric reptiles have been replaced by other beasts, dinosaurs make dramatic appearances in most major art exhibitions.

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