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Eric Weinberg’s bail was revoked after a judge revoked his bail

Eric Weinberg’s bail was revoked after a judge revoked his bail

TV producer Eric Weinberg has $5-million bail revoked after judge labels him danger to society, his lawyer says.

The producer, best known as the producer of “America’s Most Wanted,” will be released on bail, his lawyer Robert Fink said.

Eric Weinberg, 55, was last year sentenced to 20 days in jail for violating probation in a child pornography case.

After he served his jail term, prosecutors dropped the case.

On Wednesday, the Los Angeles County Superior Court judge revoked Weinberg’s bail on the basis of an array of felony convictions he incurred over the years.

After his release on bail, Weinberg’s attorney Fink said, “He knows he cannot be involved in any additional child sex abuse, and he’s been forthright with all of us, and we’re hopeful that this matter will be resolved with this conviction.”

Weinberg was charged with a felony counts of lewd and lascivious conduct with a child under 14 years of age and oral copulation of a person under the age of 15, stemming from an incident in which he allegedly performed a sex act with a 9-year-old child.

Weinberg’s bail was revoked after Superior Court Judge Michael A. Aguirre released a letter sent to Weinberg’s family containing his reasons for seeking the revocation.

“Your son is an unprincipled law breaker who poses a clear, present and serious danger to the community,” Aguirre wrote to Weinberg’s family. “He is not likely to surrender to law enforcement authorities.”

Aguirre accused Weinberg of making his family and his two daughters witnesses to his “sexual exploitation of minor girls for over a decade.”

“My son’s actions have brought shame upon our family and the citizens of Los Angeles,” Aguirre wrote. �

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