09/19/2021 9:00 am

Hey Packers and Bears: We Don’t Lock Arms for the National Anthem!

Last night s game between the Bears and Packers is usually a fun-filled event that s become a huge tradition for football fans everywhere. Last night was no exception!The stadium was filled with fans who chanted USA, USA! The fans were ready to see hand over heart during the national anthem but got something very disappointing instead. The players from both teams tried to split the difference and stand for the anthem

while locking arms. Outraged fans considered it just as much a protest as taking a knee, the gesture made famous by former San Francisco 49ers player Colin Kaepernick who kicked off the protest last year. I am so ashamed of and appalled by the ignorance of any NFL player who would dare disgrace our Stars and Stripes or the memory of hundreds of thousands of fallen U.S. heroes who paid with their lives so that we may

live free, Packers shareholder and 20-year U.S. Air Force veteran Steven Tiefenthaler told the Green Bay Press-Gazette.Packers fans are in a unique position to have their voices heard because unlike the privately owned 31 other NFL teams, theirs is divvied up among over 360,000 fans who own over 5 million shares of the franchise. The division mirrored the stand-off between NFL players and President Trump who last

week called for any athlete who kneels during the anthem to be fired.Read more: Daily Mail

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