09/19/2021 7:40 am

WATCH: Bill O’Reilly Calls Black Lives Matter A National Hate Group

Bill O Reilly attacked the Black Lives Matter movement Friday night, saying that the BLM protestors are a part of a hate America group. O Reilly made his comments at the conclusion of a segment where he covered the shooting in Dallas, Texas that resulted in the deaths of five police officers. O Reilly mentions that less than two percent of arrests that occur in the United States involve the use force in an attempt

to make a case that most police officers are not bad people.O Reilly then goes on to admit that there is a problem with the amount of force that is being leveraged by minorities. However, there are too many incidents where minority Americans are being killed or hurt over low-level beefs. That s the truth. So, law enforcement leadership must compel their own agencies to act with restraint. O Reilly said.O Reilly then

goes on to say that he doesn t believe that police officers are specifically targeting black people and the stats back him up. That s a very misleading statement. There is statistical evidence that shows that police officer s racial biases might not have a major impact on whether they actually kill a black person while on patrol. That being said, there is overwhelming statistical evidence that racial biases in

policing in general and our criminal justice system are probably culpable for the disparity in the number of black Americans killed by police.Simply put, it doesn t matter if police officers are personally racist or not, the systems that they serve are.O Reilly concludes the segment by stating that the Black Lives Matter inflames rather than illuminates. Therefore, they are a hate group.That s a rather ironic

conclusion to come to, considering the fact that the mainstream media especially conservative media outlets like Fox News, would not be discussing the topic of institutionalized racism and police brutality if it were not for the bravery of thousands of people standing up and insisting that black lives do in fact matter.You can watch the segment below:Featured image from video screenshot

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