09/19/2021 7:59 am

WATCH: Nicolle Wallace Says Donald Trump Knows Less About Foreign Policy Than Sarah Palin

As we all know, Sarah Palin is America s village idiot, but at least she would have only been vice-president had Republicans actually won eight years ago.But Donald Trump is aiming to become president, and according to Nicolle Wallace he knows even LESS about foreign policy than Sarah Palin does.And Wallace would know, too, since she was a member of Palin s staff during John McCain s 2008 presidential campaign.During

an appearance on Morning Joe on Thursday, Joe Scarborough mentioned the historical fact that when it came to foreign policy the former Alaska Governor was woefully ignorant and asked Wallace to chime in on Donald Trump based on her experience trying to get Palin up to speed. Sarah Palin went to bed with an open highlighter smeared on her face most nights because she was trying to learn, Wallace said. She was up

all night studying and she understood that she was on the ticket with a man who was respected around the world I don t know if this is a gender thing, but he s not even trying to learn. Here s the video via YouTube.And there you have it, folks. Donald Trump is way more ignorant than Sarah Palin when it comes to foreign policy and he refuses to learn.It s been obvious from the start, however. Trump has not only

insulted Mexico and the 1.6 billion Muslims around the world, he has stated that he intends to treat foreign policy like a business negotiation.He has threatened to pull American support from NATO, which would embolden Russia. He has threatened to pull American support from Japan and South Korea, which would leave our two biggest allies in Asia vulnerable. And he has said he wants to give nuclear weapons to both of

those countries and Saudi Arabia as well, which would only increase tensions in both Asia and the Middle East while increasing the threat of nuclear war. Trump has also said he won t rule out using nuclear weapons against Europe. And that s just the tip of the iceberg.This is the man Republicans chose to be their nominee. This is the man they hope will be in the White House in 2017. And he doesn t know a damn thing

about foreign policy. Republicans went from nominating an idiot for vice-president to doubling down eight years later by nominating an even worse idiot for president. As many times as Donald Trump has claimed that the world is falling apart, he has no interest in learning what the problems are so that he can do something to help solve them. The only thing he wants to do is watch the world burn.It s no wonder that

Wallace declared the Republican Party dead after Trump s acceptance speech at the RNC Convention last week. Clearly, Wallace knew from experience just how disastrous Trump is as a candidate and how disastrous he would be to our nation. Worse than Sarah Palin. And that says a lot.Featured Image: Screenshot

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