WATCH: We Found Donald Trump’s Campaign Theme Song

Way back in 1998, when Fox s MadTV was still on the air, an actress/singer named Nicole Sullivan performed a three-minute comedy sketch that so accurately predicts the Donald Trump campaign, we just had to write about it.For the sketch, Sullivan adopted the character of Darlene McBride, a huge-haired country music singer, who is promoting her upcoming Take Back America tour.As the video opens, Sullivan s character

can be seen strumming her guitar, while belting out the words to her new song, Take Back America. Take back America to 1955, she sings. Take back America to when god was still alive. As the music fades into the background, McBride is seen sitting at a mirrored dressing table, dressed in camo, an American flag displayed proudly on the shoulder of her military fatigues. Truer words were never spoken, or sung, she

says.She then introduces herself. Hi, I m Darlene McBride. You know I love this country, the way it used to be, simple-minded, with simple values, simple people. But then the big government, the Supreme Court and those bleeding heart liberals just couldn t leave well enough alone. And now look at it? A big, ugly melting pot just boilin over on what used to be a nice, white stove. From there, McBride goes on to talk

about her upcoming tour, where she says she ll be coming to a city near you, to sing traditional songs with traditional values. She then provides the audience with a few samples tunes that you can hear during the tour.For starters, there s a little ditty called The Lord Loves the NRA. The lord loves the NRA, he told me so the other day. He spelled it out in bullets in the sky. He s sitting up in heaven with his AK

47. He s a rough-and-ready, macho kind of guy. Then there s the song called The Back of the Bus.Leading into that one she says Excuse me Mr. Negro, but I ve got a question to ask you. She then breaks into the song, asking in the lyrics, What s so bad about the back of the bus? Next up is a song called Nothing Would Be Finer. Nothing would be finer than to drop a bomb on Chiner in the morning. She also has a song

about illegal immigration called Hey Senorita.To be fair, all of the songs in this sketch would work for any GOP candidate, not just Trump. The NRA lovin , republican-Jesus fearin racists and warmongers that vote for them would likely never realize they were listening to a musical parody of themselves.Watch the MadTV video below, courtesy of Migrainemaker on YouTube.While the sketch might seem like it was written to

mock today s Teapublican Trump supporters, it s actually 18 years old.It goes to show, no matter how much time passes, the republican party does not change. It s the same today as it was almost twenty years ago, and will most likely be twenty years from now.Featured image credit: video screen capture, MadTV via Migrainemaker on youtube

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