Trump Got Caught Doing Something REALLY CREEPY On Vacation In Florida

Donald Trump s most recent secretive actions toward the press are raising a lot of eyebrows and concerns.While Trump is on taxpayer-paid golf vacation in Florida, the undeserving POTUS has made sure that no one will know what the hell he s up to. To symbolize just how transparent his administration is, Trump has blacked out all the windows of his Winter White House and banned the press from taking any pictures and

keeping tabs on him.Here s what AP reported Jill Colvin saw in the press pool area:Here s another photo of this disturbing activity:PoliticusUSA obtained a White House pool report, which stated: The pool was escorted into the clubhouse after Trump and Abe were out of view and then led downstairs to a filing room, where we re told we ll be staying for awhile. The door and windows are covered with black plastic so we

can t see out. Photographers were instructed not to take pictures on the grounds of a private club. While reporters may not always be blessed with ideal conditions when covering the president, being stuck in a basement with blacked out windows is highly problematic. This couldn t possibly be any more shady. Basically, American taxpayers just sent Trump on a paid vacation, and he s literally hiding from them.This

shouldn t really be a surprise, considering the fact that Trump has ditched his press pool a few times before and has expressed a distinct hatred for journalists and the press as a whole. However, what Trump is doing is highly unethical. When you run for the highest office in the country, you work for the American people now and your life is no longer private. What Trump is trying to do is keep American citizens in

the dark, and it is beyond disturbing. This is not how presidents should act.Featured image via Drew Angerer / Getty Images

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