Paul Ryan: No, The GOP Is Not Donald Trump’s Party

Paul Ryan just gave another one of his notoriously lukewarm endorsements of Donald Trump. Intent on walking the thin line between backing his party s nominee and dumping Trump, the speaker of the house has tried to set himself up to come out smelling like a rose regardless of the outcome of tomorrow s election.During a radio interview on Monday, Ryan conceded that, yes, Trump won the Republican nomination fair and

square. However, when conservative host Charlie Sykes asked if the GOP was now Trump s party, Ryan made it as clear as he could that no, the Republican party does not belong to Donald Trump. It is no one person s party. Donald Trump won the primary fair and square, Ryan said. As a party leader, as the highest elected official in the party, I have always felt a duty to the process, to democracy, to the primary voter

who must be respected. And he won this fair and square, Ryan added. But no one person controls this party. This is a bottom-up, organic grassroots party based on conservative principles. What a ringing endorsement to give on the eve of the election. (Insert sarcasm here.)Ryan was slow to endorse Trump and has repeatedly condemned the bombastic billionaire s offensive actions. Ryan denounced the Muslim ban as

unconstitutional and declared Trump s attacks on the Mexican-American judge presiding over a Trump University lawsuit as the textbook definition of racism. But Ryan just doesn t have the cajones to stand up and walk away from Trump.Sykes asked the speaker about the long list of women who have come forward to accuse Trump of sexually assaulting them after the Access Hollywood tape was leaked, in which Trump bragged

about committing sexual assault. Suddenly, Ryan leaped back onto the Trump Train. What do you think helps [Sen.] Ron Johnson and Mike Gallagher and all our candidates across the country more in the closing two days of an election: having party discord and having party leaders snub each other, or unifying the Republican Party and focusing and prosecuting our case against Hillary Clinton? Ryan responded. What helps

Republicans more: infighting or unifying, focusing on Clinton or focusing on our differences as Republicans? the Speaker continued. I don t want to harm our team going into the election. I want to unify our team going into the election so as many of our candidates as possible can win this election. Either Ryan can t make up his mind or he is trying to play both sides. Ummm, weasel much?Featured image via Alex

Wong/Getty Images and Mark Wilson/Getty Images

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