CNN’S JIM ACOSTA Schooled on the Meaning of the Statue of Liberty by Trump Senior Advisor

We wish President Trump could clone SENIOR ADVISOR Stephen Miller! He s so brilliant and knows immigration like no other! We can t say the same for the White House Press Corp! The Trump administration made some positive announcements on immigration and the left went nuts! Miller got the best of them!Stephen Miller has been with President Trump from the earlier days of the 2016 campaign. He would give incredible

speeches to the rally audience. He s so well versed on immigration and American history that he could take on anyone and win in a debate! We love the guy! He s a PATRIOT!FYI: The Statue of Liberty had nothing, absolutely nothing, to do with immigration. The Emma Lazarus poem that Acosta refers to was affixed to the pedestal as an ex post facto inscription in 1903. ONE OF OUR FAVORITE MILLER MOMENTS WAS A SPEECH

DURING THE CAMPAIGN AGAINST HILLARY FOR PRESIDENT AWESOME!Trump spokesperson Stephen Miller just hammers Hillary Clinton! You will love every minute of this!HERE S A PREVIOUS REPORT WHERE MILLER RIPS INTO CHUCK TODD ANOTHER AWESOME MILLER MOMENT!There was a big hit piece in WaPo on Stephen Miller that called him every nasty thing in the book. He battled back and steamrolled over Chuck Todd. Keep it up Stephen

Miller! We absolutely love how you re calling out the left!WATCH Stephen Miller SMOKE @chucktodd on Immigration. Chucky keeps trying to interrupt Miller steamrolls over him! Boston Bobblehead (@DBloom451) February 12, 2017

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