SICKENING: ANGRY BLACK STUDENT Spray Paints RACIST Graffiti All Over UW Madison Campus…RADICAL Professors, 700 Students Cry “RACISM” When Police Arrest Him

It s hard to see the police officers in this video being more concerned about committing a misstep than addressing the crimes this angry black student has committed. Will police officers be forced to treat all black criminals like toddlers in a nursery school setting in order to keep their jobs? Almost 700 professors and students at the University of Wisconsin-Madison have signed a letter complaining about racism

after campus police located a black student during a class on Thursday and arrested him because he allegedly spray-painted politically-charged graffiti on a bunch of buildings all over campus for half a year.The student is Denzel McDonald, reports The Badger Herald, Wisconsin s campus newspaper.McDonald, 21, stands accused of spray-painting at least 11 messages across campus.One two-tone message read, in red, RACIZM

[sic] IN THE AIR, DON T BREATHE. Then, in black, a signature line GOD. The first of the four police videos is a 14-minute police video which includes the in-class portion of McDonald s arrest and ends with McDonald getting handcuffed. It shows a calm, staggeringly cordial encounter.Other two-tone, graffitied statements police attribute to McDonald include THE DEVIL IZ [sic] A WHITE MAN GOD, DEATH TO THE

PIGZ [sic] GOD and WHITE SUPREMACY IZ [sic] A DISEASE GOD. A FUCK THE POLICE message also defaced a taxpayer-funded building, according to Inside Higher Ed.The angry professors and students are enraged in part because police interrupted an Afro-American studies class to arrest McDonald. The class, taught by Johanna Almiron, appears to be titled Towards the Black Fantastic: Afro-futurism and Black Visual

Culture. University of Wisconsin-Madison police have released video of the classroom interaction between police and McDonald along with three other videos further chronicling the arrest.The arrest of McDonald while he was in class on Thursday caused much furor among campus radicals. Almiron and other professors duly penned and published a letter of protest on Friday.The spray-painting vandalism caused over $4,000

in damages to university property, police said, according to the Wisconsin State Journal.On Friday, Wisconsin-Madison s chief of police, Susan Riseling, posted a statement addressing the uproar and profusely apologizing for arresting McDonald in class. Because of the officer s error in believing the class had not yet started, I extend my sincerest apologies to the students and the professor who were in this class and

witnessed this interruption, Riseling wrote. We are initiating a review of our officer s action entering the classroom. Riseling did note that campus cops had been attempting to contact McDonald for two weeks before finally resorting to finding him in class. The officers believed they were entering class before it started, she noted.Wisconsin-Madison chancellor Rebecca Blank also released a supplicating statement

which promised a review of police practices. Via: Daily CallerHere is the video where Denzel McDonald was placed in the police vehicle:Here is Denzel s professor, aka his instructor LYING to the police, telling them she doesn t have his phone.

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