COLIN POWELL Picked On The Wrong Guy: GENERAL FLYNN Rips Him To Shreds Over Nasty Comments In Leaked Emails

After General Powell s email server was hacked it seems that Hillary and Trump were not the only ones he attacked with insults and nasty rhetoric.Powell went after retired Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn, a top Trump military adviser. Powell called Flynn a jerk who is unchained and a right-wing nutty. Powell however had to admit once called on the insults that he has actually never even met Flynn nor did he ever serve

with him.He responded by stating, Talking to people in the know, his real problem was leadership and management issues at DIA. Senior staff was in incipient revolt. He has been over the top in his comments, conduct unbecoming. But he is unchained. He continues by saying, Pattern of behavior which is why he was fired. Real question is how he got that far in the Army. Flynn did respond during an interview on the

Kelly File. I ve actually been called worse things by my little sister. He went on to say, Colin Powell, he s an amazing guy, amazing service, but he s actually, you know, as a footnote in history, he s going to be always struggling for his credibility because of the statement that he made to the United Nations that brought us into the war in Iraq. After the disparaging remarks towards Hillary, Trump, Flynn and a

even a few other service members were highlighted as having been said by Powell, Flynn did caution that prominent individuals need to be more careful about what they send electronically.H/T [ Fox ]

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