09/19/2021 8:07 am

James Comey Will Testify Thursday: What Will He Say?

Everyone is in anticipation for Thursday because of Former FBI Director, James Comey will be testifying. There is so much anticipation of what he might say or might not say that TV networks are showing countdown clocks to count down when his testimony starts tomorrow. Not only this, but people are on Twitter tweeting about where are the best places to watch and if they will be offering special morning cocktail drinks

for those coming in to watch Comey s testimony. If you think this is not enough, it isn t because the Senate says the House seating is in full demand. More so than it has been for more than a decade!More people anticipating what Comey will say during his testimony since being fired from the FBI by Donald Trump is President Trump himself and his aides. They aren t anticipating in a good way, however. They are worried

about what he will say and if what he says ends up inflicting not just legal wounds, but political wounds as well.Apparently, according to Comey s co-workers and friends, he was shocked to have been fired when he was. He was in shock that he found out about being fired from being the director of the FBI by the television screen. In fact, his associates say that he had no idea he was getting ready to lose his job and

was in total shock when he found out. He especially didn t know since he was in the middle of helping with the investigation that was going on about Russia s possible interference in the presidential election. Comey was almost into a 10-year-term as the FBI director.Although Comey had no idea that he was about to lose his job as the FBI Director, he did have some uneasy feelings about the new president, according to

his associates. He was primarily concerned about Trump since he did want to back off from the investigation going on for Michael Flynn, the former National Security Advisor.Although it may be true that Comey may testify about the assumed Russian hacking of the presidential election, he may avoid testifying about certain things including the ongoing Russian investigation. In fact, legal experts say Comey avoiding the

current Russian investigation makes perfect sense, especially since Comey is a former prosecutor and understands full well not to take any steps to complicate the criminal probe.Featured Image by Mark Wilson/Getty Images

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