Here Are Photos Of Detroit’s Public Schools That Michigan’s Governor Does Not Want You To See

While much of the nation s attention has been focused on the horrors of the water crisis in Flint, Michigan, there has been a revolt growing in the state of Michigan. Darnell Earley, is not only the unelected emergency manager who created the Flint water crisis, he also is in charge of Detroit s public schools. Earley has done to Detroit s schools, what he did to Flint s water system.The conditions of Detroit s

school system are so bad, that teachers are on the verge of going on strike. They have been increasing their resistance to the attack and mismanagement of Detroit s schools over the past week. They have been engaging in a tactic called the sick-out. That s a protest where so many teachers call in sick, the school is forced to close.A picture is worth a thousand words. Here are some photos that show the deplorable

conditions that students and teachers are being subjected to.Does your school look like this? #supportDPSteachers Detroitteach (@teachDetroit) January 15, 2016#supportDPSteachers Detroitteach (@teachDetroit) January 15, 2016Mushrooms in a classroom. #SupportDPSTeachers Detroitteach (@teachDetroit) January 12, 2016No empowered school

board. No justice. No peace. This is what you eat for breakfast. Moldy bread thing. Detroitteach (@teachDetroit) January 16, 2016#supportDPSteachers Detroitteach (@teachDetroit) January 17, 2016In a computer lab. #supportDPSteachers Detroitteach (@teachDetroit) January 17, 2016Classroom @Cody DPS #supportDPSteachers @DreaMcCoy

@DetroitEducator @PedroniTom @ktwomeyMEd Detroitteach (@teachDetroit) January 13, 2016Here is a video that is just as damning as the photos. It shows what life is like for teachers and students in Detroit.Detroit s mayor, Mike Duggan recently went on a tour of DPS schools. He was heartbroken over what he saw. I saw 4-year-olds in a classroom where it was about 50 degrees, he said. They

told me they usually wear their coats until lunchtime, when they warm up a bit because there s a part of each day they actually expect to have to wear their coats in the classroom. It s nice to hear that Duggan still has enough of a heart left to be broken. The tour was nothing more than a publicity stunt created to make it look like the state is trying to do something to fix the problem. Now that the nation is

watching the state of Michigan and the Snyder administration s corruption and incompetence that has infected the entire state on every level, they really, really need to convince people that they care.Even with the Flint water crisis, the Detroit water crisis, the shame that is the DPS, Snyder cannot even bring himself to criticize emergency manager Earley. Here is what Snyder had to say about Earley and the teacher

protesters last week: He s been doing a good job. He s been working hard. If you think about it, our goal is to get the Detroit Public Schools to be successful. I ve proposed a package that involves an investment of over $700 million to improve education in Detroit. I m not sure why people would want to go out and protest against a solution like that. The state of Michigan has been in control of Detroit Public School

system for almost seven f##king years. The cries of anyone who have spoken out against the Snyder administration have been meet with silence. Snyder s $700 million dollar proposal should, at this point, be seen as nothing more than a last-minute attempt to try to bribe his way out of being lynched by a growing mob.Snyder and all his cronies must be brought to justice for their crimes against humanity.Featured Image

Courtesy: Detroitteach via Twitter

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