09/19/2021 8:52 am

WATCH: Colbert Asks Tapper How CNN Staff Feels About Their Feud With Trump; His Response Is PERFECT

Donald Trump is no fan of CNN. He has repeatedly tried to discredit and delegitimize the network, even going so far as to call them fake news and refuse to answer a question from one of their reporters during the only press conference he has held since Inauguration Day.Well, one of CNN s best anchors, Jake Tapper, who hosts The Lead and State of the Union, stopped by the Late Show with Stephen Colbert on Wednesday

night, and of course the topic of Trump came up. More specifically, the topic of CNN s relationship with Trump came up. After the niceties were exchanged Colbert started out by reading a list of insulting adjectives that Trump had used to describe the network, then went on to ask Tapper: Why are you so mean to him, Jake? If you guys just didn t fact-check him anymore, he wouldn t be saying these things about you.

Tapper responded: That s a good point. Then, Colbert went on to say: What s it like in the halls over there knowing that the president actively doesn t like your network? Tapper then delivered the best and presumably honest zinger that would really hit home for Trump: I don t think anybody cares. Now, this is important because Trump NEEDS people to care about him, how he feels, what he says, what he thinks. As

Tapper points out, it is not a reporter s job to be liked. It is a reporter s job to hold people accountable. Now that we have a president and a White House that actively lies on a routine basis to the American public, it s vital to the survival of our democracy that Tapper and those like him continue to fact-check Trump, no matter how many insane insults he throws at them.The relevant part comes a couple of minutes

into the following video, but the entire interview is beyond awesome:Featured image via video screen capture

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