Trump Was Asked Point-Blank About Internment Camps For Muslims – Here’s His Chilling Response

Appearing on ABC s This Week with host Jonathan Karl, Donald Trump was asked about if he would categorically rule out the idea of internment camps for American Muslims. Let s just start out by saying that the fact that the front-runner for the Republican nomination for President of the United States is actually being asked this question is beyond terrifying. The reality of a Trump presidency is very real, and we

need to make sure we are listening to him very carefully. This includes, but is not limited to, reading between the lines of his very calculated language to dodge questions and pivot to more optically friendly topics that will put him in a more positive light amongst his rabid followers.Karl asked: So let me ask you, you said that Islam is at war with us. A lot of people wonder, given some of your proposals, whether

or not you would go the next step towards internment camps. And I know you ve never proposed that. But let me just ask you here now, would you categorically rule out the idea of internment camps for American Muslims? This is when Trump pulled the classic non-answer of no, but which insinuates full-well, he s not ruling anything out, and he still puts the sole blame on all Muslims for not reporting things they don t

see, assuming all Muslims are in the know of terrorist plots being made. Trump told Karl: rule it out but we would have to be very vigilant. We re going to have to be very smart. We re going to have to be very rigid and very vigilant. And if we re not very, very strong and very, very smart, we have a big, big problem coming up. We ve already had the problem. Check out the World Trade Center, OK, check out the

Pentagon. We ve already had the problem. But I would I would say you have to be extremely strong. You have to keep your eyes open.And by the way, Muslims in our country have to report bad acts, OK? When you look at what happened in Europe, in Brussels, where many, many people knew this thug from last week, was living right in the midst of them, right only a few doors down from where he was living previously, they

knew he was there. Nobody reported him. When you hear someone say, no, but that s like hearing someone say, I m not racist, but and they go on to say something ridiculously racist. Trump is saying he d rule out internment camps in a very quick response to then fully pivot away to blaming all Muslims. Keep in mind, he s already insinuated in the past that he would have had to be there to decide if Japanese

internment camps were a good idea or not during World War II. He keeps saying no, but then always leaves open the possibility. It doesn t take much to read between the lines. Unless, of course, you refuse to even look.You can t blame the entirety of everyone who follows a religion for the outrageous and horrific acts of a radical few who pervert the religion to suit their own morbid desires of sadistic control over a

populace. You just can t. 1.6 billion people worldwide follow the religion of Islam. That s 23 percent of the global population Trump is blaming for the acts of the radical few. His simplistic and naive world view is not only extraordinarily narrow-minded and stupid, but extremely dangerous.We simply cannot allow Trump to become president. If you re still treating his candidacy like a joke stop. This is very scary,

and will have very real consequences.Featured Photo by John Sommers II/Getty Images

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