WOLF IN SHEEP’S CLOTHING: Katie Couric Would Like Americans To Know That Gun Owners Actually WANT Gun Control

Beware of morning talk show hosts turned news personalities. The Katie Couric s and Matt Lauer s of the world are some of the most radical and dangerous propagandists in the media today. We are unknowingly being fed gun control with a cherry on top, while most Americans don t even realize the leftist drivel they re being fed During a May 13 appearance on NBC s Today, Katie Couric previewed her upcoming gun control

documentary by claiming a silent majority of gun owners want more gun control.Couric said these things during an interview conducted by Matt Lauer, who began the interview by countering FBI statistics and claiming mass shootings are on the rise. In September 2014, the FBI released a highly politicized study claiming a rise in mass shootings, only to have the authors of the study recant months later and admit they

created data to make the study outcome fit a preconceived conclusion.Yet Lauer claimed mass shootings are on the rise, and Couric played along without hesitation. In fact, she built on Lauer s mass shootings comment to suggest more gun control is needed, and a silent majority of gun owners support it.Couric said:Ninety percent of the public really favors universal background checks. And after Sandy Hook, everyone

thought this was a watershed moment, something would be done. And then when Manchin/Toomey died in the Senate, I couldn t understand the disconnect between public opinion and our elected officials.So Couric undertook a gun control documentary, Under the Gun, and says that in interviewing people for the film, she came to the conclusion that the NRA really does not speak for the majority of gun owners. She said, The

NRA only represents five percent of gun owners, so there s this huge silent majority, and they represent common ground. For entire story: Breitbart News

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