09/19/2021 7:51 am

BURN! NYT TAKES JAB AT FOX NEWS…Watch How FOX Got Even in a Big Way!

Sometimes, the left just makes it far too easy to win.It is a well-known fact that President Trump is a big fan of FNC s FOX & Friends, tweeting about it often. New York Times James Poniewozik recently ran a hit piece criticizing the show for its friendly relationship with the president, stating that President Trump is the show s subject, its programmer, its publicist and its virtual fourth host. The stars offer

him flattery, encouragement and advice. While furthering his point, Poniewozik complimented the morning show by calling it the most powerful TV show in America due to Trump s support. Instead of getting mad, FNC got even. They purchased ads in the New Yorks Times featuring its own accidental compliment. A Fox News source confirmed that the advertisement was in direct response to the article. But the sweet revenge

didn t end there. After hearing about FNC s clever move in response to Poniewozik s piece, President Trump tweeted his own jab at the New York Times:Wow, the Failing @nytimes said about @foxandfriends .the most powerful T.V. show in America. Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) July 27, 2017 FOX & Friends host Steve Doocy held up the ad on air to share the victory with viewers. Co-host Ainsley Earhardt gave the show

s viewers all the credit, saying we have the best viewers. You guys are so awesome. Long-time host Brian Kilmeade joked that it must have been tough for the Times to admit the success of the show before stating the ad was also featured in the New York Post.Looks like Trump isn t the only one in town who can go head to head with the liberal media and come out on top.Read more: Biz Pac Review

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