Die-hard amnesty for illegal aliens cheerleader Rep. Luis Gutierrez: Every time a little thing like this happens, they use the most extreme example to say it must be eliminated. Reporting on a recently released survey by Rasmussen Reports that indicates that 62% of Americans oppose sanctuary city policies, Telemundo, the nation s second largest Spanish-language network, slanted its coverage in favor of maintaining

the controversial policy. Reporting from the sanctuary city of Chicago, Telemundo correspondent Janet Rodr guez cited an unauthorized immigrant in favor of the policy, along with two quotes from Congressman Luis Guti rrez (D-IL), who had the gall to minimize Kate Steinle s murder, at the hands of a hardened criminal and five-time deportee, in the sanctuary city of San Francisco.Although Rodr guez reported the study s

findings that the majority of Americans not only oppose the policy, but also support withholding federal funding to make sanctuary cities comply with immigration authorities, she included only one critical view of the policy, that of presidential candidate Donald Trump calling sanctuary cities a disgrace. To make matters worse, Rodr guez also misled viewers about the considerable trans-partisan nature of the

opposition to sanctuary city policies. Rodr guez stated on air that it has to be emphasized that the poll reveals that the majority of those who agree on eliminating sanctuary cities or that in some way they lose federal funds, all are Republicans. However, the poll actually indicates that 79% of Republicans, 61% of unaffiliated voters, and 46% of Democrats believe sanctuary cities should lose federal funds.

Similarly, 79% of Republicans, 65% of unaffiliated voters and 43% of Democrats support U.S. Justice Department legal action against sanctuary cities.Via: Newsbusters

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