09/19/2021 8:02 am

WATCH: This Priceless Video HILARIOUSLY Exposes Trump And His Doctor For What They Really Are

Trust Funny Or Die to come up with something like this. They ve released a video starring Brent Spiner, a.k.a Dr. Okun from Independence Day, and Data from Star Trek: The Next Generation, and he (ahem) takes on a new role here to lampoon the hell out of both Trump and his quack of a doctor.Spiner actually introduces himself as Dr. Bornstein, and immediately launches into what he knows about Trump: I m making this

video because there s something they don t want you to know. Trump s not from here! And I don t mean not from America, I mean not from this planet, okay?When I wrote that ridiculously glowing letter in five minutes, I thought you d see through it for the obvious farce that it was! Indeed, that letter has been the subject of controversy for Trump, seeing as how Bornstein used language that doctors generally don t use

in it. He said that Trump s lab results were astonishingly excellent, for one thing. He also declared Trump the healthiest person ever to run for president, which is something he can t possibly know.Spiner hilariously touches on all of that, too, in his role as the infamous Dr. Bornstein. He then goes back into discussing Trump s alien anatomy: I did a chest exam, and to be honest, I was not expecting to find a

heart, and guess what? I didn t! What Bornstein did find in place of a heart is even funnier than Trump s obvious lack of one. From there, it just spirals. Watch below to find out what else Bornstein knows about Trump:

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