09/19/2021 8:10 am

Dear Democrats: Throwing Nancy Pelosi Under The Bus Is Not The Answer

As Donald Trump stacks his cabinet with ultra-conservative members of Congress, that leaves empty seats that need to be filled. This means special elections are held to fill said seats. Democrats thought we d be able to scoop up at least a seat or two especially when it came to Jon Ossoff of the Georgia District 6 election. However, we fell short by less than four points. Tom Price, who left to become Trump


Health and Human Services Secretary, carried that district by more than 20 points last November. That trend has been consistent throughout all of the special elections, with Democrats making major gains point wise. However, moral victories are not victories, and therefore people are pointing fingers. Right now, the fingers are being pointed squarely at House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi.Democrats like Rep.

Tim Ryan

of Ohio are calling for her to step aside for new leadership. Ryan said of Pelosi and the Democratic Party at large after the Ossoff loss: We d better take a good, long, strong look in the mirror and realize that the problem is us, it s the party. Ryan went on to praise Jon Ossoff as a great political candidate who still couldn t carry the national baggage of the Democratic Party. It is also worth

noting that Ryan

did challenge Pelosi for her leadership position last November and lost spectacularly. So there could still be bitterness there. Rep. Seth Moulton (D-MA) criticized the idea of keeping Leader Pelosi as well: We need to have a plan, we need to have a vision, we need to tell Americans why Democrats will be better, not just why Trump is bad. And I don t think we re doing enough of that, and I

think that s evident in

this [Georgia] race. This is an empty argument, though, because Ossoff did not run against Trump. He ran on healthcare and the economy. What largely hurt him was his lack of a resume, the fact that the district had been handily in GOP hands for 40 years, and the fact that Republicans stick together when Democrats don t; in this election, lots of Democrats accused him of not being liberal

enough. Also, he never

sufficiently answered for living outside the district he was running to represent.However, in my humble opinion, what they want to do to Nancy Pelosi would be disastrous. We split the party between the Bernie Sanders/Elizabeth Warren hard left and the Hillary Clinton/Barack Obama left of center in 2016, and look where that got us. When the party is in tatters, it is time to come together

to beat the common enemy: the

Republicans who are steadily destroying the United States of America as we speak. While we bicker amongst ourselves, demand ideological purity, and attack those who share our same values, they are rolling back civil rights,continuing to gerrymander districts to render Democratic votes useless, using non-existent voter fraud to block people from exercising their right to vote,

planning to kill us by taking our

healthcare away, destroying public education, and making sure we won t have a planet to live on if they get their way.Now, I know all of the arguments. Pelosi is the Old Guard and it s time for her to go. The Republicans always yoke our candidate to her, paint her as an out of touch, San Francisco liberal, and that means that moderates are afraid to vote for that candidate

because they fear a far left agenda.

NEWSFLASH: No matter WHO is in leadership, they ll say those things anyway. They think all Democrats are just like Nancy Pelosi, Elizabeth Warren, and Bernie Sanders, despite the fact that this party is as diverse as the people of the nation. That diversity can be our greatest strength rather than a weakness if we just stop fighting one another long enough to heal old wounds

from 2016.At least it seems that the

Democratic National Committee is speaking out against this dangerous move from inside the House Democratic Caucus. Deputy Chairman Rep. Keith Ellison said of what is going on: Republicans have held this seat for 37 years. In a normal year, we wouldn t even have any shot. We have closed the gap dramatically. I mean, they re the ones that better be worried. I never thought I d

say this, but I think we should take the

advice of Former GOP Congressman and host of MSNBC s Morning Joe, Joe Scarborough on this one:Setting Pelosi up as scapegoat does Democrats no good. Get a candidate that matches the district and you will win. https://t.co/1Z39AKI2JY Joe Scarborough (@JoeNBC) June 21, 2017This is correct. Don

t run a New York City liberal Democrat in Ohio. Find some Tim Ryan replicas and we ll carry the whole state. Loathe as I am to

say this, in places like South Carolina and rural North Carolina and Georgia, find someone who s a bit more like Joe Manchin than say, Maxine Waters. A DINO is better than a Republican any day. If you can get away with it in those districts, run someone like Claire McCaskill. Match the

candidate to the political environment, adjust their positions to match, and we win. Feel out the political landscape in any given

area. Also and this is most important get some candidates that can speak to the working class, such as the Democrat from Wisconsin, Randy Bryce, who has launched a moving campaign ad to announce his challenge to current House Speaker Paul Ryan. Get a strong, working family

economic message, combine it with our overall message of tolerance and acceptance for all and pit it against the open bigotry of the GOP, and

we re golden.Throwing one another under the bus, re-litigating the 2016 primaries and general election, and continuing this infighting does nothing but tear the party apart further. Certainly throwing the best fundraiser the House Democrats have not to mention the first

female House Speaker of the United States of America under the bus is not the way.Remember we re all Democrats. We share the same values. Our

diversity is what makes us beautiful. Now, let s come together, rebuild our party, and kick the GOP out of Congress in 2018, and out of the White House in 2020.Here is some great video commentary to illustrate these points:Featured image via Win McNamee/Getty


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