09/19/2021 7:17 am

Even Trump’s New Campaign Manager Demanded He Release His Taxes

The problem with running for President in the 21st Century is that nearly everyone has a Google page or 1,000 about them, and often, video to back it up. That s the case with Kellyanne Conway, who was named Donald Trump s new campaign manager in his second attempt to shake things up.In April, Conway appeared on CNN, where host Don Lemon asked her about an alliance between John Kasich and Ted Cruz. Conway, who wasn

t working for Trump, or apparently even supporting Trump, at the time, thought the alliance was fine, but Trump s refusal to release his taxes wasn t.Then head of a super-PAC supporting Trump rival Ted Cruz, Conway was asked in an April 25 CNN interview if the alliance between John Kasich and Ted Cruz was fair. Of course it s fair game, she said. Oh absolutely. It s completely transparent. Donald Trump s tax

returns aren t, and I would like to see those be transparent. Here s the video:And here s Donald Trump s new campaign manager in April call for Trump to release his tax returns pic.twitter.com/pIxCCm39xj John Whitehouse (@existentialfish) August 19, 2016That wasn t the first time Conway was critical of Trump, nor was it the last. Here she is talking about Trump s damaging rhetoric: Here s Donald Trump s new campaign

manager in February saying Trump s rhetoric was unfortunate for children pic.twitter.com/zb0LwwX5Mg John Whitehouse (@existentialfish) August 19, 2016On Feb. 10, Conway blasted Trump s claim that he is for the little guy, questioning his business ethics.Trump actually built a lot of his business on the backs of the little guy she said on CNN, adding that Trump is known for not paying contractors after [they

have helped him] build something. She also sharply critiqued the businessman in the past over Trump University, his use of personal insults, and simply saying things that aren t true, the left-leaning group said.Source: The HillIn other words, it s becoming increasingly clear that Trump surrogates souls can be bought and sold, although it s not clear for how much. As for Trump, perhaps the appeal is that as a

lawyer, Conway once helped Paula Jones in her sexual harassment case against Bill Clinton.Featured image via Gage Skidmore at Flickr

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