Oxford Fellow GLORIOUSLY Buries Trump For Trying To Discredit CBO Report On Trumpcare

Donald Trump just got owned.On Monday, the Congressional Budget Office graded the GOP healthcare bill that they dubiously named the American Healthcare Act. And the results were not good at all.Despite Trump calling the bill wonderful and claiming that everybody in America will have health insurance coverage, the CBO pointed out that the bill would cause 24 million Americans to lose their healthcare and would make

the price of healthcare skyrocket.Of course, Trump administration officials immediately attacked the CBO report. We disagree strenuously with the report that was put out, Health and Human Services Secretary Tom Price said. It s just not believable, is what we would suggest, Price continued, insisting that the GOP healthcare plan will cover more people and make healthcare more affordable.Trump s Office of

Management and Budget Director Mick Mulvaney also dismissed the report and attacked the CBO. This is exactly what we thought the CBO would come forth with, he said. They re terrible at counting coverage. The CBO report is full of errors not errors, they re just bad assumptions like that. It s the only way you can get to these bizarre numbers. The reaction from Trump s administration was predictable, and Oxford

Fellow Brian Klaas brilliantly prepared for it by pointing out at least 13 instances where Trump used CBO reports to attack President Obama.Trump s team will try to discredit the CBO assessment of its health care bill this week.Here are 13x he used CBO estimates to attack Obama pic.twitter.com/bAEyxubnXv Brian Klaas (@brianklaas) March 13, 2017You know, because Trump is a hypocrite.And Trump can t say that the CBO

is wrong just because it gave him a report he doesn t like.As it turns out, Trump s Health and Human Services Secretary Tom Price and his Republican colleagues in Congress picked the official who currently runs the Congressional Budget Office.The CBO is *the* trusted expert; it is led by a Republican. Price helped pick the director. And Trump used CBO stats 13x to attack Obama. https://t.co/QMdy3fLEfq Brian Klaas

(@brianklaas) March 13, 2017Here s Trump s Health Secretary praising the selection of the *Republican* HE HELPED PICK to run the CBO. Now he s attacking CBO estimates. https://t.co/QdHx8RBGpm Brian Klaas (@brianklaas) March 14, 2017The Congressional Budget Office is a nonpartisan agency that is tasked with providing Congress with objective analysis of bills relating to economic and budgetary decisions.What Trump and

Republicans got from the CBO report is the facts. But they don t like the facts so they are attacking the CBO despite the fact that they picked the guy who runs it. Apparently, they expected him to be biased and run it dishonestly.Featured image via screenshot

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