There WAS A Terror Attack In Sweden Recently, But Trump Won’t Like Who The Terrorists Were

Trump drew international attention again by claiming there was a terror attack in Sweden on the night of Feb. 17. To cover his gross lie, he tweeted today that his remarks were in reference to something Fox News reported, which is either just another lie, or a gross misunderstanding of a documentary Fox News aired. But it seems that there really was a terror attack in Sweden recently, in a city called Gothenburg.The

suspected terrorists in this attack were Neo-Nazis, and they attacked a refugee center in Gothenburg with a homemade bomb last month. One person was seriously injured in the attack.Swedish intelligence said that the attack was linked to two others in Gothenburg, and appeared to be politically motivated, which isn t shocking if the terrorists were white Neo-Nazis, and members of a white supremacist group known as the

Nordic Resistance Movement. They openly preach anti-Semitism and racism, and they oppose non-white immigration into Sweden.Hmmm. That sounds an awful lot like all the white supremacists here in the U.S. who support Trump.Sweden has taken in more refugees per capita than anyone else in Europe in 2016, despite imposing border controls in the middle of the year. What we have now, however, are white supremacists

attacking a refugee center. Trump wants to blame refugees for terror attacks all across Europe, but that doesn t work when the terrorists are white Neo-Nazis.This is how this administration operates, though. Tell a lie, make a wild accusation, or say or do something equally outrageous, watch it get debunked or solidly smacked down, and then double down on it by either blaming it on faulty information or sticking by

it anyway. And they won t acknowledge terror attacks that don t fit their anti-Muslim narrative.Featured image by Olivier Douliery via Getty Images

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