09/19/2021 8:57 am

Mexico Just RUINED Donald Trump’s Plans In The Best Way Possible

Trump likes trying to bully Mexico, even claiming that he will force them to pay for his stupid wall by making the rapists and drug dealers down there pay a 20 percent tax on goods exported to the United States. Mexico has been very clear that there is no interest in engaging in Donald Trump s ridiculous plan but the government recently sent Trump a very clear message about what he (and America) has to lose if

he persists with this madness. The Globe and Mail reports that a Mexican cabinet minister has revealed Mexico s plan to stop The Donald. If you tax that $50bn [trade defecit] at 20 percent of imports which is by the way a practice that 160 other countries do right now our country s policy is to tax exports and let imports flow freely in, which is ridiculous. By doing it that way we can do $10bn a year and easily

pay for the wall just through that mechanism alone. That s really going to provide the funding, Trump s mouthpiece Sean Spicer said in January while explaining how the wall would be funded. There is so much at stake for the interest of the U.S. as a country, Mexico s Economy Minister Ildefonso Guajardo said in an interview, adding that the country could stop cooperating on security and intelligence, migration

control, and drug enforcement: We have been a great ally to fight problems with migration, narcotics If at some point in time things become so badly managed in the relationship, the incentives for the Mexican people to keep on co-operating in things that are at the heart of [U.S.] national-security issues will be diminished.You cannot ask me to [accept poor] conditions in terms of trade and then request my help to

manage migration issues from other nations or the prosecution of criminal activities and narcotics. Right now there are many more Mexicans coming back than there are leaving and the great challenge is the flows of every other nationality coming through Mexico, Guajardo says, noting that Mexico detained 330,000 Central Americans in the last two years alone and would likely be very willing to stop helping in that

regard if a certain orange someone gave them a reason. The Globe notes that the program has been criticized by Mexican human rights organizations because it has little or no security benefit for Mexico, and contravenes obligations Mexico has as a signatory to international convention on the rights of migrants and refugees. Simply put, Guajardo seems to be perfectly happy to allow the migrants to proceed north on

the train and bus routes they used to take unhindered to the northern border. In addiction, Mexico could stop allowing our agents to screen migrants, which would damage our national security. So there are many things at stake that cannot be undervalued or undermined, Mr. Guajardo said. And that s why my President, with the principles that he gave us for these bilateral dealings, he was very clear in saying that

this negotiation has to be figured out with all items considered. He adds that Trump s rhetoric can have a damaging consequence and it will be very foolish to continue. Featured image via Getty Images (Chip Somodevilla)/screengrab

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