09/19/2021 8:31 am

BREAKING: Obama’s State Dept Miraculously Finds 1,300+ Emails From Ambassador Chris Stevens 2 Days Before Hillary’s Testimony

What a great time for Joe Biden to announce. Hmmm I wonder if Barack had anything to do with the timing of the discovery of these emails? Dirty Chicago politics used against Chicago s hometown girl by their master community organizer The Obama State Department suddenly discovered and turned over 1,300 pages of emails from former Ambassador Chris Stevens.The emails were delivered just two days before Hillary s

testimony before the Benghazi committee.None of the seven previous congressional investigations on Benghazi had access to Ambassador Stevens emails. And they were just released after more than a year of requests.Via: Gateway PunditThe House Select Committee on Benghazi got a special delivery on Tuesday, two days before its high-profile hearing with former secretary of state Hillary Clinton 1,300 more pages of

emails from the State Department.The Republican-led panel took to Twitter to vent about the seemingly late-in-the-game document dump of messages from Christopher Stevens, the ambassador to Libya who died in the Sept. 11, 2012, attacks on the consulate, along with three other Americans.For months, the State Department has been releasing tens of thousands of pages of emails to the committee, but the GOP has

consistently complained that the agency has dragged its feet in handing over all the relevant documents. State, for example, only a few weeks ago gave the committee about 900 Libya-related emails from Clinton, which the committee says it asked for at the start of its investigation well over a year ago. Via: Politico

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