Fox News Editor Has His Own Really Creepy Suggestion For Trump’s VP

With all the talk of Trump working on his list of potential VP picks, it s only natural that absolutely everyone under the sun would have an opinion or two about it. However, Fox News editor Chris Stirewalt s opinion should never have been uttered. He wants the King of Dunces to choose his own daughter, Ivanka, for VP.Why? Well, Stirewalt no doubt thinks this is a good enough reason: My favorite pick my absolutely

favorite pick, I think is his daughter Ivanka. I think that is the best choice that he could make, he said. Everybody likes her! Has anybody ever said that they didn t like her? Everybody likes her I think he would be smart to pick his own daughter When it s a crazy election year, when weird stuff is happening, you gotta embrace the weird. Yeah, that would be weird all right. Way too weird. This is a man who is

potentially a pedophile, and who has openly discussed screwing Ivanka multiple times. Recommending that he embrace the weird takes on a whole different and creepy vibe when put together with how disgusting His Royal Womanizer is.Watch Stirewalt turn horribly gross below:Of course, Charles Payne agreed that Ivanka would be a fantastic choice. She d definitely be one of the only women in His Royal Incestness inner

circle, making the choice even more sickening. That an editor would actually suggest this shows how low Fox News is sinking to tout Donald Trump.Featured image via screen capture from embedded video

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