Ben Carson STUNS Republicans, Admits Democrats Are Right

It looks as though Republican presidential candidate Dr. Ben Carson didn t thoroughly read his GOP politicking handbook, because if he had, he wouldn t have said what he just did on the radio.While discussing if the president should nominate a new Supreme Court Justice after the passing of Justice Antonin Scalia, Carson basically told the folks over on WRNN 99.5 FM in South Carolina that President Obama should

nominate someone. He was given the hypothetical question of if there was a Republican president in office would all these candidates be asking them to wait to nominate, and Carson replied, No, they wouldn t. Continuing, he said: But then again, recognize that the two picks that the president has selected are ideologues, so there s really no reason to believe that his next pick wouldn t be an ideologue also. However,

Carson never says that Obama shouldn t nominate anyone. He instead said that Supreme Court Justices should have term limits and not be able to endlessly serve until they either die or choose to retire.Carson is drifting away from the lockstep argument coming from Republicans that Obama should hold off and let the next president nominate. He clearly knows that the president is within his right as Commander-in-Chief to

make the choice and pick someone new to put before Congress. He also is seemingly admitting that the Democrats have been right this whole time in their explanation of why the president should be nominating someone new to replace Scalia. He undoubtedly sees the double standard they are throwing Obama s way. That double standard being: it s okay for Republicans to nominate in an election year (like Reagan did), but not

Democrats.Truth be told, Republicans are panicking. They know they just lost their most conservative voice on the Supreme Court and his replacement has been left in the hands of the very progressive President Obama. The irony is palpable.You can listen to Carson here:[soundcloud url=… params= color=ff5500 width= 100% height= 166 iframe= true /]Featured image: Flickr

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