Trump’s Disastrously-Misspelled Terrorist Attack List Earns Him A Smackdown From The DICTIONARY

When Trump s White House released a list of terrorist attacks they say the media did not cover, one thing was clear: the dictionary is the Trump administration s worst enemy. Attacker was spelled attaker, the list referenced a country called Denmakr, San Bernardino was missing an r, and so on. Eventually, the Merriam-Webster dictionary caught wind of the error-ridden list and offered some advice. Reminder that

our app has voice search, so you can look a word up even if you re not sure how it s spelled, the Dictionary tweeted, adding a link to their ( there in Trumpspeak) app.Reminder that our app has voice search, so you can look a word up even if you’re not sure how it’s spelled. Merriam-Webster (@MerriamWebster) February 7, 2017This one was more subtle than the more

recent times that the Dictionary has smacked Trump around like when he tweeted about unpresidented acts or when Sean Spicer couldn t define betrayal but it was clear what Merriam-Webster was saying, and people couldn t be happier with the shade that was thrown:@MerriamWebster ????Was that an attak? Krista Ritzman Reed (@smokelvr) February 7, 2017.@MerriamWebster Alt-Thin Brown

(@jteeDC) February 7, [email protected] you guys are certainly winning at internet. Wendy Lady (@NerdRage42) February 7, [email protected] Whatever this company pays you, oh Twitter person, it isn’t enough. I never thought I would enjoy following a dictionary so. CLLynch (@lynchauthor) February 7, [email protected] oh, dictionary, you’re so salty. Paging Mrs. Herman (@THerman23)

February 7, [email protected] I’ve never loved a dictionary so much. Lee Koh (@eunleekoh) February 7, [email protected] @noropthony Burn level, EPIC! Epic: 2 a : extending beyond the usual or ordinary especially in size or scope Tracy JSM (@Trinityapp) February 7, [email protected] our country is going to be saved by Merriam-Webster. Kendra Kendall (@kikuandjuju) February 7, [email protected] on that low-

key spelling shade ?? goldee-loxs? (@goldee_loxs) February 7, 2017Merriam-Webster later announced they added shade to the dictionary We added shade to the dictionary. Merriam-Webster (@MerriamWebster) February 7, 2017 followed by side-eye. ‘Side-eye’ is now in the dictionary. Our earliest example of it in use comes from 1797. (GIF by @GIPHY Studios.) Merriam-Webster (@MerriamWebster) February 8, 2017They even re-added a new (old), fun term to call Donald Trump:Yes like snollygoster, “a shrewd & unprincipled person, especially an unprincipled politician.” Just added it back. Merriam-Webster (@MerriamWebster) February 7, 2017But they were clear that of the 1,000 new

words added to the dictionary, unpresidented is not one of them:@MerriamWebster Is unpresidented one of them? Caitlin Luce Baker (@Cait_onthe_Luce) February 7, 2017No. Merriam-Webster (@MerriamWebster) February 7, 2017Trump s team is built from the absolute worst our country has to offer: white supremacists, warmongers, corporate warlords, and the absolute dumbest people one could ever

imagine.In just a few weeks, Donald Trump has managed to make a mockery of almost every aspect of our government, appointing a slew of unqualified people to positions they should never be near and even getting tricked into making a white supremacist one of the most powerful men in the country.Take the time to laugh, but be sure to resist the snollygoster in the White House in every way you can for the next four years

or, of course, until he is ultimately impeached for being completely and utterly incompetent.Featured image via Getty Images (Pool)/screengrab

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