09/19/2021 6:59 am

Racist Trump Supporters Lose Their Sh*t Over State Farm Ad Featuring Interracial Couple

White racists launched a war against State Farm insurance company for posting an image of a black man proposing to a white woman.Who said yes??Cheers to the newly engaged this holiday season! Be sure to #ProtectTheBling! https://t.co/XG807VEWaH pic.twitter.com/nUOcAVvq7J State Farm (@StateFarm) December 21, 2016The image was meant to remind people that they may want to consider purchasing jewelry insurance to

protect precious items like engagement rings but racists absolutely hated that State Farm used an image of diversity to advertise insurance.Emboldened by Donald Trump, the racists flocked to State Farm s Twitter feed to whine and attack the company, with some even vowing economic retaliation.@StateFarm and you thought the Geico cavemen were bad. Never buying your crap again, State. TexasStormer (@TxStormer)

December 24, [email protected]_Service @TxStormer stop trying to normalize interracial pedophilia(or any other kind) in your ads please. Coprophile Dungdee (@BomptonBrotha88) December 24, 2016seriously, it s getting ridiculous Trump s America, now. We gotta be FIRM on this @wisdom2m3 @StateFarm Brenda Gale (@bgc558) December 24, [email protected] whites no longer marry whites? MoreFreedomLessGov (@ConservativLuke)

December 24, [email protected] Been a State Farm customer for 20 years. Will be taking business elsewhere next week. gab.ai/exxivy (@exxivy) December 24, [email protected] what the hell are you doing? This is disgusting and nobody wants to see this Bran mak Morn (@mc_morn) December 24, [email protected] @mc_morn @StateFarm this is some cuck using his fantasy as an advertisement. 84 Roddy Wehrmacht (@MineshaftG)

December 24, [email protected] @Fuhrerious1488 @mc_morn @StateFarm I am cancelling all my business with them , long time customer bye Jimmy Slade (@JimmySlade1) December 24, [email protected] our patience is over and any white whores seen with these animals will be shunned shamed and made a second class citizen. White Russian Agent (@SavetheWhites17) December 24, [email protected] In 4 years:

pic.twitter.com/cJGC8d1qvB Zorost (@Zorost1588) December 24, [email protected] Also, blacks don t marry they create welfare cases that live in section 8. 72% of all black children are illegitimate. Rep. Larry McDonald (@juck_fews) December 24, [email protected] Disgusting. This is White Genocide k. rahekr (@krahekr) December 24, 2016Basically, this what happened to white racists when they saw State Farm s

tweet.@StateFarm insecure, racist white men when they saw this image. LOL pic.twitter.com/HbCTV6YuLS Erick Fernandez (@ErickFernandez) December 24, 2016But make no mistake. While these racists are attacking State Farm, Republicans are busy trying to appease their racist base by trying to bring back interracial marriage bans. Kentucky Republicans recently attempted to pass a law allowing discrimination against

interracial couples. It actually made it through the state Senate.In fact, a 2012 poll revealed that over 20 percent of Republican voters in Alabama (the home state of Trump a Attorney General pick Jeff Sessions) and Mississippi want interracial marriage to be illegal.Featured Image: Twitter

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