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Atheists Found A Truly Genius Way To Troll The Creationists Building A $101m Noah’s Ark In Kentucky

An atheist group has found a truly genius way to troll christian conservatives over their $101m Noah s Ark being built in Kentucky by crowdfunding mock billboards for the christian theme park. Author and columnist Dan Arel writes in Pathos that a group called the Tri-State Freethinkers are raising $2,000 to place billboards which name the Ark Adventure Genocide and Incest Park. Image via IndiegogoThe Indiegogo

page for the project states:The billboards are likely to serious annoy the Ark Adventure team, who have lurched from one crisis to another in their attempts to set up the site.Australian-born Creationist Ken Ham and his fundamentalist Christian organization Answers in Genesis (AiG) are looking to build a $101m Ark Adventure in Kentucky, with the centerpiece of a reconstructed Ark. The problem is, they want you the

taxpayer to pay for it.According to Newsweek, AiG purchased a 99-acre plot of land just outside Williamstown, Kentucky got the city for just a dollar five years ago. But since then, the project has hit one hurdle after another. Many, of Ham s own making.The principal issue at stake now, is that Ham and AiG want the taxpayer to pick up the bill for around a quarter of the construction costs of the project in the form

of tax rebates. The group sought to exploit subsidies provided by the state to boost tourism through the Tourism Development Incentive program. Projects of $1 million and upwards can recover 25% of project development costs by recouping their sales taxes.After much debate on their initial application, Kentucky approved the site for the scheme so long as AiG agreed to non-discriminatory hiring practices. This means,

they could only recover the cash if they recruited people of all faiths and none. They could not specifically hire Creationists.A few bumps down the road later, and Ham and AiG had to significantly strip back their pans for the park. They were unable to gather together the funds and investment to create the full theme park. Due to the substantial changes to the plans, they had to resubmit their application to

Kentucky for the tax rebate. This time is was denied. Why? Because apparently, honesty and integrity mean nothing to this group of creationists.Despite their reluctant agreements to get their hands on state cash, AiG had released a decidedly discriminatory recruitment policy for the Ark Adventure. The website demanded a salvation testimony and a creationist statement of faith from all prospective job applicants

clearly ruling out non-believers.So now, Ken Ham and AiG are suing Kentucky for the money claiming religious discrimination. Greg Lipper, senior litigation counsel for Americans United for Separation of Church and State points out the muddled-thinking that AiG is applying in this case. AiG is confusing what they have the right to do as a private organization with what taxpayers are required to fund, They re saying

Kentucky taxpayers should pay for them to expand a religious ministry. That kind of argument would make Thomas Jefferson turn in his grave. No one is telling Ham as a private citizen, who or how he can hire. It is only as a recipient of state funds, an agreement which he is free to enter or not, that he is required to follow the stipulations that would be applied to any organization or individual doing the same. Just

like chances of his theory of genesis being true, Ham s chances of getting his lawsuit through are slim to none.And his Ark hasn t escaped the attention of social media users either I just realised that America’s immigration policy doesn’t weed out Australian Ark Building Lunatics. #kenham Michael (@gotapulse) January 3, 2016If #KenHam could get a 500 yr old dude & his kids to build the Ark themselves w/o modern

technology I would give the park more credit. Uncle John (@azmoderate) January 18, 2016If the universe was capable of giving Ken Ham and his cohorts a sign that their project was doomed to failure, this comedy of errors and public embarrassments would be it. Featured image via Flickr Creative Commons

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