Melania Trump Gone AWOL: Trump Campaign Totally Hiding Nominee’s Wife

If you ve recently noticed that you haven t seen Melania Trump recently, it s not just you. For the last seven weeks since the Republican Convention, the wife of Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump has barely been in the public eye.This close to election day, it is very unusual for the spouse of a candidate to be this hidden. Even accounting for the fact that the very visible Bill Clinton is a former

president and therefore more accustomed to the campaign trail, Mrs. Trump s disappearance is connected to the Trump campaign s ongoing incompetence. From The Washington Post:Her long silence followed the fiasco over her convention speech, parts of which turned out to have been plagiarized. Then she took her website down after revelations that there was no record she had obtained a college degree, as her site had

claimed. And while the issue of illegal immigration is central to her husband s platform, neither Melania Trump nor the Trump campaign has produced documentation to prove how the Slovenian immigrant got a visa to work in the United States or how she obtained her green card in 2001. Melania Trump has said she has been at all times in full compliance with immigration laws; Donald Trump has said his wife is so

documented. Even as the campaign declines to fill in details of her life story, Melania Trump has deployed an attorney to beat back news reports probing her past. Last week, the former fashion model filed a libel suit against a blogger and a British newspaper for reports, since retracted, suggesting that she once worked as an escort.It s hard to blame candidate spouses for their desire to avoid the spotlight; after

all they aren t the ones running for office. But at the same time, the multiple screw-ups around the Trumps don t seem to be her fault personally. Instead, they are the product of the yes men (and women) that Donald Trump has continuously surrounded himself with, people that are incapable of crafting a convention speech or truthfully writing up a biography on a website.At this point, with the number of questions

swirling around Melania Trump, her absence from the campaign trail and inaccessibility to reporters will only make said questions continue to dog her even after this fiasco is long over. However, Trump s incompetency and unwillingness to listen to anyone who might actually be able to clean this sort of thing up neatly means that anyone who might try to help Melania Trump at her husband s request will likely only make

matters worse. Poor Melania. She didn t ask for any of this.She s probably better off avoiding these people and her husband s campaign at all costs.Featured image via Flickr

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