09/19/2021 7:18 am

Everyone Is Wondering Just What James Comey Will Do Next

After former FBI Director, James Comey was fired from his position as the leader of the FBI by Donald Trump, the thing that is on everyone s mind now is what will Comey do next for work? Will he go back to practicing law?According to this article, Comey testified under oath in front of the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence last Thursday. He accused the President of the United States, who fired him from the FBI,

of lying, challenged the president, and even says he has proof of material he supplied that could build a case against the president.However, aside from that, what is next for the former FBI Director? What are his career opportunities? Maybe he will go back to law where he lived comfortably in Connecticut as a lawyer.According to Comey, he stated to the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence when he testified last

Thursday that he is currently between opportunities. Everyone knows James Comey now and what he stands for, whether they are for or against him. Now that everyone knows Comey and who he is, will this hurt his chances of getting a career soon?He was in the middle of the email investigation of Hilary Clinton but now is seen as a critical cog in the Trump and Russian investigation. Because of this, he may be called

upon to answer some questions about that. He may be called on to provide more information about Trump since he documented his and Trump s conversations in memos. However, will he provide that information that may be critical in finding out who is telling the truth between him and Trump? Guess we will have to stay tuned to find out!What do you think about Comey and his future career opportunities?Featured image via

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