Spot On! Fox Sports Host Calls Out ESPN’s Liberal Agenda After Host Calls Trump a ‘White Supremacist’: ‘They’re alienating their core audience’

Tucker Carlson responded to an ESPN anchor calling President Trump a white supremacist. Clay Travis of Fox Sports joined Carlson and lit up the room with his spot on assessment of ESPN s liberal suicide by offending just about every Trump voter out there. Travis is fantastic!Liberal hater Jemele Hill of SportsCenter tweeted this and got a slap on the wrist The double standard at ESPN is unbelievable! ESPN

previously fired former MLB pitcher Curt Schilling over a controversial meme objecting to the North Carolina transgender bathroom law. Mike Ditka was fired from ESPN for showing support for President Trump. Crazy!ESPN s public relations tweeted a statement, saying that Hill s comments do not represent the position of ESPN. That s it!Carlson called ESPN Endless Stupid Political Nagging and asked Fox Sports Clay

Travis what he thought of Hill s attack.Travis said ESPN s statement is another example of Hill s politics going all the way to the top. He said parent company Disney CEO Bob Iger and ESPN president John Skipper hold left-wing views, and that of the 59 people Iger follows on Twitter, Hill is one of them. They want left-leaning politics the forward facing front of ESPN, going on to repeat Michael Jordan s famed

warning about mixing sports and politics, Republicans buy sneakers too. Read more: Fox News

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