09/19/2021 9:02 am

POPULAR YOUTUBE PERSONALITY Goes Undercover With Violent Cowardly Antifa Terrorists…”Antifa Women Are The DOMINANT Ones”

Tim Poole is citizen journalist who s done some really important work exposing Antifa, Black Bloc and the violent non-profit group By Any Means Necessary (BAMN). He sits down with popular Youtube personality Joey Salads who went undercover with Antifa in Berkeley, CA during the riots on April 15th to explore what he found.One of the most interesting observations Salads makes is that the Women are the dominant ones

in the group and that they mostly control everything. Considering how many cowardly men are walking around with masks over their faces while they grab one person from the free-speech side into their crowd, so the entire group could brutally beat one person with no interference from the other side, it shouldn t surprise anyone that the women are the aggressors.Salads also points out that the Antifa members aren t

too smart. They talk about the bike groups he saw and how they use the bikes to wall themselves off. Salads also confirms Antifa members were throwing rocks, bottles and M-80 s into the crowd.Tim Pool frequently calls the Trump supporters the alt-right which according to the left (who made up the term to disparage Trump supporters) means that they are racists . Pool asks Salads if he believed any of the people

who Antifa were attacking were racists ? Salads told him that while he did see a few racists at the event that it was a free-speech rally and that while most of the people were Trump supporters, the rally was about free-speech and that the point of free-speech in America is not about whether or not you agree with what the other person saying, but about their right to express their feelings and thoughts.Watch

here:Here is Salad s video showing what he saw while he went undercover in Berkeley with Antifa on April 15th:Berkeley middle school teacher Yvette Felarca, a national organizer for militant left-wing activist group By Any Means Necessary (BAMN), is clearly the aggressor in their group. Watch her interview with Tucker Carlson:

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