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10 Things You Can Do at the Autry Museum

10 Things You Can Do at the Autry Museum

L.A.’s Autry Museum spent 18 years moving 400,000 Native objects. That’s just the start. The museum is looking to add 12,000 more pieces to its collection.

If you want to help, check out a list of “10 Things You Can Do” on the Autry museum’s website. It has more information about projects for this weekend, including a museum tour this coming weekend, and what you can do on the Web or in the museum. (It says “Stay tuned”)

More Information

You don’t have to be a Native to appreciate the Autry Museum. Check out the Autry museum’s website to get a list of things to do in Los Angeles, its history, as well as its collection of Native items.

The Autry Museum got started in 1973, when a small group of Native peoples decided to move their tribal items to public space. The Autry acquired the first artifacts from the Yurok people in 1974, and added other tribal artifacts in 1985.

The museum’s goal is to “offer visitors an opportunity to learn about the culture, traditions and culture of Native Americans through the exploration of one of the largest collections of tribal art, historic and cultural objects and artifacts in the world.”

For more information, including how to get to the museum, visit their website.

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